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RZ & Associates offers a wide range of technology consulting services to guide, counsel, develop and support any IT organization and business unit.

Our key services are as follows:

Technology Strategy Planning Service: Aligning technology initiatives to the business unit plans is a vital mission for an IT organization. This process ensures future technology implementations can support the business objectives and ensures consistency and viability. RZ & Associates LLC can help you find the right balance between your business and technology requirements.

Technology Assessments Service: Our senior consultants can provide an experienced assessment of your integration plans and processes to present a qualified document that addresses the overall process, risks, strengths, opportunities for improvement and a recommendation on how to proceed.

Technology Architecture Service: A review of your overall application, data and infrastructure architectures can be performed by our senior architects to provide you with insight on the impact the integration will have on your current architectural environment. This service is key to providing the most assurance that introducing the processing to the production environment does not result in a material impact to existing levels of performance.

Project Management Service: Management of all the integration tasks with an accurate, timely and complete set of administrative tools is essential to a successful conversion. RZ & Associates has developed, from hundreds of conversions, a number of standard templates for these tools that can be readily customized to accommodate your system integration needs.

Application Development Service: RZ & Associates has experienced consultants that can develop and sustain new and old technologies during an integration process. In addition, our consultants have developed a set of conversion tools that expedite the data and systems integration process and can be easily customized to your unique requirements.

Certification Service: Our established certification process covers both the time, and tasks prior to the conversion, and equally important, the period following the event until a normal production operation is attained. This process also addresses enhancements or the creation of an internal support desk for the conversion, problem management, change management and a concept of "dress rehearsals" all designed to provide a successful conversion.

Training and Educational Services: Our training consultants can provide professional educational services for the business and technology staff on the new converted technologies.