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Financial Services Consulting Practice

Providing technology solutions to the financial services sector continues to be an ever increasing challenge. The demand and timing for customer service and innovative products is unprecedented, and frequently requires technology solutions to be implemented quickly and without service interruption or impact to the customer. Often, the proper solution requires the implementation of a wide range of technologies with differing infrastructures and application architectures. These dynamic conditions necessitate a wide range of professional technology skills often not readily available. Professional consulting services are often times the best timely, viable resource solution.

RZ & Associates has over twenty years of technology consulting in the financial services sector for consumer and commercial banks. Our consultants have the proven experience in a full range of technologies, business processes and professional skills. Here are a few examples of the services we can provide:

Conversions and Integration Services: Highly recognized as a specialist in systems integration and consolidations to support merger and acquisition strategies, RZ & Associates has proven and endorsed technology and process skills that have been repeatedly used to successfully complete large integrations without customer impact.

Application Development Services: Consultants with certified technology skills in all software for the financial institution industry. Unusually qualified to develop and support your applications to meet the business needs for application design and program development.

Project Management Services: RZ & Associates has the experience and defined methodologies to manage the implementation of large, complex projects with measurable deliverables and metrics to provide the most assurance that your projects are implemented successfully.

Technology Architecture Service: Ensuring that the application, data and infrastructure can support a new or expanded technology is critical to the success of the IT group and financial institution. RZ & Associates has skilled resources that can review the corresponding architectures and ensure that it can support and scale for the changing technology.

Certification Service: RZ & Associates has developed and refined certification processes to confirm new technologies are introduced to production environments with zero defects and no interruption to service. A full range of testing, pre-production, stress and load balancing processes have been successfully performed on all types of technology implementations.

Training and Educational Services: RZ & Associates skilled and experienced educational professionals are available to train your technology and business users on new technologies.