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Enterprise Management Practice

Today's challenge for the IT professional is to operate a multiple platform production environment where reliability, performance, security, recovery and cost to the business unit are superior to past delivery. Future needs will require adding new applications and services to the production environment that are commonplace and non-disruptive. Sound enterprise management practices are essential for an IT group to effectively deliver service to meet the new business demands.

RZ & Associates has professionals with proven experience that can provide your IT organization with the guidance and support to refine or develop your enterprise management practice with the following services.

Assessment Service: RZ & Associates can provide an independent assessment of any current enterprise management services. We can determine if your IT organization is operationally prepared for an effective enterprise management operation. Using the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security (FCAPS) model as our methodology, RZ & Associates will independently assess your capabilities against industry standards.

Fault Management Service: RZ & Associates provides a comprehensive set of fault management services that assist the IT group in developing effective service monitoring, incident reporting and fault prevention capabilities.

Configuration Management Service: Configuration management includes developing and implementing a set of tools that monitor and control the environment, and all extensions or reductions represented in areas of change management, workload management, resource management, asset tracking and operational acceptance. Our consultants will provide the tools and processes for a successful configuration management service.

Accounting Management Service: Accounting management is a collection of tools and processes that enable the utilization of the components in an environment to be measured, and the appropriate costs to be determined and charged to the resource consumer. RZ & Associates has the ability to create and link all the key components of a successful Accounting Management system.

Performance Management Service: RZ & Associates has proven experience establishing effective performance management services that provide application monitoring, system performance, capacity management, stress testing and service level management.

Security Management Service: One of the most important mission critical components of any IT group is security management. RZ & Associates has extensive experience in, and can assist you with, all areas of system security, user account security and security administration.