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Success Stories

Wireless technology is quickly changing the way we do business. Due to questions of security, and the complex technology involved, the Financial Services industry has finally expanded into the wireless arena. One bank, Washington Mutual has recognized the value of wireless technology, and contracted with RZ & Associates to provide them with the most advanced and useful wireless technology.

The RZ & Associates solution for Washington Mutual came in the form of an eTeller devise, deployed in 5 pilot bank branches. The eTeller product's main function is to alleviate long lines at bank branches for simple transactions. With the handheld wireless eTeller devise, a bank employee can pull any customer out of line and perform a number of functions such as, deposits, transfers, withdrawals, and cash back, and print the customer a receipt with the hand-held printer attached to the devise. This function can be done anywhere within the bank branch and allows teller greater versatility and eases long customer wait times.

The technology consists of a Symbol PDA devise and wireless access points that runs on a Briance network. The problem of security was solved using a complex system of Virtual Private Networks and wireless firewalls. RZ & Associates consultants built the eTeller devise from the ground up, it was truly one of a kind. Overall, the eTeller devise makes banks more effective, for a fraction of the cost.