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e-Commerce Practice

Successful e-Commerce business applications must be secure, responsive, timely, accurate, have a consistent and simple navigation and improve the customer experience. RZ & Associates has been working with clients on successful implementation of their e-Commerce business applications for over 5 years.

Senior RZ & Associates consultants, with a wide array of e-Commerce experience, can assist your IT or Business unit successfully develop, refine or replace your e-Commerce applications using a series of our services:

Project Management Service: Prudent project management of all technology and business e-Commerce components is essential for a successful implementation. RZ & Associates has the experience, the staff and proven processes to provide assurance for a timely deployment of any e-Commerce Solution.

Technology Assessment Service: RZ & Associates can provide an independent assessment of your e-Commerce application, infrastructure, and related support structures and render a qualified report on the pending operational readiness of your current solution.

Technology Architecture Service: Our senior architects can analyze and assist your IT team in creating the right architecture for your e-Commerce applications. An efficient interoperability of your application, data and infrastructure is essential to provide a scalable, responsive, customer accepted e-Commerce solution.

Application Development Services: RZ & Associates has experienced consultants in e-Commerce technologies that can assist your team in developing or sustaining applications and infrastructure.

Certification Services: Our certification process provides an established methodology and proven discipline to certify the application and infrastructure and ensure the application meets or exceeds the business requirements. Included in this process are regression testing, load balancing, stress testing and considerations for pilot and parallel implementations.

Training and Educational Services: Training professionals from RZ & Associates can create a customized training plan for your staff for operational responsibility and technology knowledge transfer.