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What you may find truly unique about RZA is not only the depth and breadth of experience, but the non-traditional approach to clients and projects. What differentiates us from a typical consulting firm is best reflected is what we call the Customer Core Promise:

Delivery & Execution Guarantee – Every project is delivered on budget and always to the customer’s specifications – without exception. Our customers pay for performance delivered – we are not in the billing game.

Expert Teams – Our clients are assigned a dedicated team of seasoned experts. We understand both the technology and the business need driving it. Each RZ Associate consultant comes with an average of 18 years of industry and project experience.

Team Integration and Knowledge Transfer – We ensure that our customers not only have the solution they need – but the knowledge and understanding to manage and run it. Our customers are seeking a solution, not a perpetual consultant.

True End to End Solution Delivery – A solution is more than a set of technology therefore we are able to manage everything touching the project including the RFP, strategic planning, training, deployment, support, documentation, third party vendor management. Our goal is to be a total solution provider.