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Customer Contact Center Practice

Today, excellent customer service is replacing customer loyalty as the driving force in customer retention. Customer contact centers must be more efficient, both operationally and financially, and must continually provide better service to remain competitive. In the past, businesses provided reasonable customer service through the implementation of a number of technology point solutions were not effectively integrated. These implementations lacked efficiency, were expensive, and did not provide information about the customer across all access channels. The solution to this situation is an integrated customer contact center using the right collection of products that captures customer information, shares it appropriately and efficiently, and turns customer call management into an improving cycle of efficiency.

RZ & Associates has a number of experienced consultants proficient in the design and implementation of customer contact technology and process solutions. Since RZ & Associates does not sell nor represent specific products, with this product independence, you can be more assured of implementing the right solution for your company through the use of a number of our services:

Project Management Services: Our senior consultants have performed project management services on large contact center implementations. These services included, but were not limited to, administrative controls for planning, coordination, tracking, reporting, issues management, cost management and other project monitoring tools that provide assurance for a successful implementation.

Technology Assessment Services: RZ & Associates can provide an independent assessment of current contact center operations. We will help you determine if your current or future contact center technology and processes are operationally ready to offer improved and efficient customer service.

Technology Architecture Services: The implementation of multiple, cross platform contact center technologies require a sound architecture to support the application, data and the infrastructure. RZ & Associates can independently examine and determine the appropriate architecture to ensure proper performance and future scalability.

Systems Conversion and Integration Services: Successful implementations of full scale customer contact centers require the careful integration of several cross platform technologies. Often, conversion of existing technologies is also required. RZ & Associates has the proven experience in both conversion and integration services.

Application Development Services: RZ & Associates has skilled, certified consultants that can assist you in the development and implementation of your contact center technologies.

Certification and Training: End-to-end certification of the new contact center technologies will be professionally performed by RZ & Associates which can be combined with our education and training services to ensure a successful implementation.